Made in Italy. Ethics. Innovation.

Felli is the perfect choice for companies looking for an ecological alternative to plastic, without giving up on resistance and versatility.

Our compounds revolutionize the concept of environmentally friendly design, combining the employment of natural fibres with virgin or regenerated polymers.

The made in Italy care, the natural tradition of wood and the versatility of plastic melt into the new Greenfeel compound proposals, providing your collections with unforgettable feelings and appearances.

What’s the shape of innovation?
The one you like.

Our compounds collection makes possible the impossible. Furniture, furnishing accessories, precious packaging, design objects: Greenfeel compound converts aspirations into solutions. With a wide selection of products and finishing, our goal is meeting any requirements.

The only limit is your fantasy.

Truly Green.

Our principles have deep roots, such as the ones of the forests we want to protect. While selecting wood for our compounds, we use woodworking waste coming from first production processes, avoiding therefore to cut down trees while ensuring the highest quality to our collections.

Replacing plastic with less damaging materials has always been our ambition: we are always in search of new solutions, able to enhance recyclable and biodegradable raw materials.

In order to witness our commitment in the environment protection, our company adheres to the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification system. This is an international organization born to promote the responsible management of forests and plantations, and to ensure the respect of strict environmental, social and economic standards.

We change the shape of sensations, but not of your production.

Greenfeel compound adapts with versatility and discretion to production structure of your company and to technologies already used for traditional thermoplastics (for injection moulding or extrusion), minimizing machinery wear, thanks to the lack of compound with mineral fillers.

It adapts to your
existing technologies

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