Felli is beautiful on the inside and touching on the outside.

Inspired by Nature

Felli has always been inspired by nature, respecting it and treasuring precious technology, which has allowed the creation of unique, special and distinct products; a perfect balance between nature and innovation for a choice of lifestyle, respecting the environment, the world and the people who live in it.

Made in Felli

The family and its heritage.

Made in Italy, made in Verona, made by us.
From us, from Italy, in the world. For a “World” to be protected, today, for the future.

Self made production: every product component is realized inside the Felli production sites.

Ethics and sustainability

The economic stability of the company and its commitment to sustainability. We understand sustainability in its widest sense, committing ourselves to the planet and the people who live on it.

A constant commitment to research and product innovation, combined with a deep loyalty to our ethical and moral principles.

Extreme care in the relationship with our clients.
An attentive and helpful service, always by our customers’ side.

Flexibility and personalization

Customization oriented to target needs.

Cuts to measure and reduction of production times.
On site flexibility, thanks to the workability of the material.

Problem solving approach. Ready for a change of perspective to optimize problem solving.

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