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Authentic, elegant and capable of arousing emotions, Felli products continue to offer their customers the velvety softness of wood in a perfect combination of technology, high technical performance and enhancement of its essence, making every detail special thanks to a remarkable materiality of textures and colors.

A unique product, because it is authentic and does not imitate. A wood that maintains itself better over time while especting its true nature.


Simply the decking you have always been looking for.

The answer to the pursuit of the aesthetic, technical and sustainable research. A high-performance wood that keeps better over time, respecting its true nature. Authentic, elegant and able to delight. A choice truly based on sustainability as a lifestyle.

Extremely versatile from both a technical and chromatic point of view, it blends naturally and superbly with the most diverse architectural styles: a strong aesthetic and qualitative added value.

Vertical cladding

Protagonist of the architecture of the future.

Ventilated façades and solar shading characterize the most current architectural trends, projected towards the continuous search for aesthetics and functionality.

Nature as inspiration for solutions and materials: Felli products have these values in their DNA. The final effect is an astounding materiality: textures and colors that give a tactile and visual pleasure that does not fade with time, but in fact lasts for a long time.


Safety, guaranteed by the total absence of splinters, and minimum maintenance, limited to ordinary cleaning and attention, make Felli profiles a perfect solution to complete fences, partitions, small gates, etc. inside urban spaces, amusement parks, sports facilities and all those large-scale realities that need to delimit areas in an effective and long-lasting way.

The simple workability of Felli products also allow complete customization, facilitating the finishing of details, which often make the difference.


All profiles are available in the following colors:

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